Living magazines are owned by Newsquest Media Group. We are the second largest regional news publisher in the UK and have a portfolio of more than 175 news brands and over 40 magazines, published in print and online. With an audience of more than 44 million browsers a month online and three million readers a week in print, our content is read by over 70% of the adult population in their respective towns and cities throughout the UK.

We are passionate about lifestyle magazines, we have a dedicated team of Magazine Publishers working locally to produce upmarket magazines to the highest quality that readers and advertisers eagerly anticipate every month. We employ more than 1,000 highly-talented advertising and publishing professionals across the UK who have the skills and dedication to help you market your business effectively to its full potential.

We maximise response for advertisers by distributing Living through a highly targeted, controlled free distribution network; where outlets are handpicked for their clientele and upmarket brand values.